Name of state funded pension scheme investment plan “Aktīvais ieguldījumu plāns Integrum” changed to “Signet Aktīvais Plāns”

Signet Pensiju Pārvalde IPAS (previous name – Integrum Asset Management IPAS, hereinafter – the Managing Company) informs that on 21 November 2023 became effective the amendments to the prospectus and key information document for participants of state funded pension scheme (2nd pension pillar) investment plan “Aktīvais ieguldījumu plāns Integrum” (hereinafter – investment plan) managed with […]


Names of Luminor 2nd pillar pension plans changed and new plan Luminor 16-48 introduced

Making it easier for people to choose a pension plan and maximising the opportunities offered by financial markets when saving for retirement, starting from 29 June 2023 Luminor has renamed some of its 2nd pension pillar investment plans and launched a new 2nd pension pillar investment plan Luminor 16-48. The objective of the Luminor 16-48 […]


Changes in Investment Policy of Swedbank’s Pension Investment Plan Stabilitāte

Starting from 12 April 2023, Swedbank’s Pension Investment Plan Stabilitāte will be allowed to invest up to 25% of the plan’s assets in equity securities (e.g. company shares) in addition to investing in fixed-income financial instruments (e.g. corporate bonds). The objective of the plan is to achieve growth in the value of contributions to the […]


Addition of SEB 2nd pension pillar investment plans has been completed

On 6 October of this year, IPAS “SEB Investment Management” has made changes in the offer of investment plans – “SEB Europe plan” has been added to “SEB active plan”, but “SEB Latvia plan” has been added to “SEB conservative plan”. As a result of the merger, all assets of “SEB Europe plan” and “SEB Latvia […]


Swedbank introduces responsible investment standards in all pension plans

Swedbank Ieguldījumu Pārvaldes Sabiedrība has started gradually applying sustainability principles in its 2nd and 3rd pillar pension plans from June this year. As a result, stricter control of environmental, social and corporate governance aspects in investments will be applied going forward. This includes whether the investments facilitate environmental protection, respect for human rights and rights […]


Changes in Swedbank’s 2nd pillar investment plan offering

Swedbank Ieguldījumu Pārvaldes Sabiedrība, which is an investment management company with the longest track record in Latvia and manages Swedbank pension plans in cooperation with Swedbank Robur that has been in operation since 1967, has bolstered its 2nd pillar investment plan offering with two more plans. Two new investment plans have been launched on 11 […]


“Invalda INVL” offers in the Latvian market new passive management 2nd pillar pension plan INVL INDEX DIRECT

Offering currently the lowest commission nationwide for the management of the 2nd pillar pension index plan, as well as providing every new participant with the opportunity to become a shareholder, on Wednesday, 16 August, “Invalda INVL”, the largest independent pension management group in the Baltic States presented new passive management 2nd pillar pension plan INVL […]


On amendments to prospectuses of investment plans of the state-funded pension scheme managed by „CBL Asset Management” IPAS

„CBL Asset Management” IPAS (hereinafter – Company) hereby informs that the Company has made amendments to prospectuses of the investment plans „CBL AKTĪVAIS ieguldījumu plāns” un „CBL UNIVERSĀLAIS ieguldījumu plāns” of the state-funded pension scheme. The amendments to the prospectuses become effective on November 2, 2016 and are available on the Company’s website


IPAS “SEB Wealth Management” has a new company name

IPAS “SEB Wealth Management” has changed its legal name to IPAS “SEB Investment Management” to better align the name with the company’s core business. Services provided by the company do not change – we will continue to provide investment management services to pension customers and institutional clients. The investment management company “SEB Investment Management” was […]


Re: Change of the names of 2nd pension pillar investment plans of “CBL Asset Management” IPAS

Dear client,   In order to stress that the investment plans of the state funded pension scheme are part of “CBL Asset Management” IPAS, the names of the investment plans established by this company have been changed as of 8 April 2015. The investment plans will be further known as “CBL Aktīvais ieguldījumu plāns” and […]