The pension forecast estimates are prepared on the basis of the current laws and regulations, which may be affected by changes in legislation. The calculations assume the following information:
  • The 1st pension pillar is indexed assuming that nominal level of capital indexation is 3.53% per year.
  • Nominal return of the 2nd pension pillar and of the 3rd pension pillar is 5.06% per year.
  • Contributions to the 1st and 2nd pillars are allocated in accordance with existing laws and regulations.
  • Average nominal wage growth is 4.21% per year.
  • Inflation rate is 2.00% per annum.
The expected pension amount is displayed after taxes and in the current value of money. The actual return on pension plan, indexation level, wage growth and inflation may differ from those used in these calculations. The historic profitability is not a guarantee of future profitability.
Your age:
Net salary per month: EUR Monthly payment in 3rd PP: EUR
Current savings in 1st PP: EUR1 or % from net salary
Current savings in 2nd PP: EUR2
Current savings in 3rd PP: EUR3
Results Pension (EUR) Pension relative to net salary before retirement4, %
Net salary before retirement 5: EUR
1st pension pillar:
2nd pension pillar:
3rd pension pillar:
*Numbers should be written without spaces and dots should be used instead of commas.
  • 1 Information about your current capital of the 1st pension pillar is available in the report "Information on the expected old age pension" under the section "Pension Capital" - "Total" on the web site This capital must be added to the capital of the 1st pension pillar for length of service till 1996. It is available in the report "Information on the expected old age pension" under "Pension Capital" - "Start-up capital".
  • 2 Information on your current capital of the 2nd pension pillar is available in the report "State-funded pension scheme (2nd pension pillar) participant`s account statement" under the "Funded pension capital at the end of the period" - "Accumulated capital" on the web site
  • 3 To acquire the information on your current capital of the 3rd pension pillar, contact your commercial bank or look at the level of capital of the 3rd pension pillar on your Internet bank, if your commercial bank provides such information.
  • 4 The ratio indicates the proportion of the estimated potential net pension relative to your net wage before the retirement, based on the assumed information of the calculations above.
  • 5 The value represents the expected net wage at the retirement age, taking into account the used assumptions and the current laws and regulations. Expected net wage has an informative character.
  Information on the expected old age pension has an informative character. The calculation does not apply to the reliefs and the guaranteed minimum amounts determined by the Law "On State Pensions".
  • The pension value is specified by the current statutory amount of taxes, expressed in current monetary value, taking into account future inflation of 2%.
  • The calculation takes into account the 23% income tax if the sum of the retirement from the 1st pension pillar and the 2nd pension pillar exceeds 330 euro.
  • The 3rd pension pillar is applied to the capital gains tax of 10%.
  • The amount of pension is calculated on the assumption that the resident is starting to receive pension when reaching the official retirement age.
  • The calculations assume that the resident is a participant of the 2nd pension pillar or becomes a participant of the 2nd pension pillar starting from now on.
  • The calculations do not apply various types of reliefs.
  • The calculations are made in compliance with the norms of the legislation currently in force regarding the amount of distribution of the 1st and 2nd level social insurance mandatory pension contributions.
  Data and assumptions last updated: 01.02.2021.