Changes in Swedbank’s 2nd pillar investment plan offering

Swedbank Ieguldījumu Pārvaldes Sabiedrība, which is an investment management company with the longest track record in Latvia and manages Swedbank pension plans in cooperation with Swedbank Robur that has been in operation since 1967, has bolstered its 2nd pillar investment plan offering with two more plans.

Two new investment plans have been launched on 11 February 2019 with lifecycle strategy: „1970+” and “1980+”. In the initial period of the plan, the permitted weight of exposure to equities will range between 55% and 75%, whereas closer to the end date of the plan, it may vary between 0% and 15% in order to achieve optimum investment result throughout the saving period – from more rapid growth in value initially to value preservation towards the end.

The new investment plans „1970+” and “1980+”, together with “1990+” already in the offering, are intended for those born in the particular decade as the investment risk of the plans gradually decreases in line with the savings horizon. The investment plans are also suitable for participants who have appetite for higher investment risk level.

With Swedbank lifecycle investment plans, investors won’t have the need to switch plans any more – all they need to do is join their decade’s plan and the strategy will be adjusted by the plan manager until the end of active working life.