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Investment policy:

The objective of the Plan is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by applying the so- called principle of life-cycle investment, which is mainly characterized by automatic decrease of the share of equities at the nearing retirement age of the target investors in the Plan.
Target investors of the Plan's life-cycle investment strategy are the participants of the state funded pension scheme born between 1980 and 1990 as well as other investors who consider the life-cycle investment strategy to be the most appropriate for them.
70% of the Plan's assets can be invested in corporate equities and certificates of investment funds, including index funds and ETFs, investing in equities. Managers of the Plan will use their many years’ experience alongside with the available specialized technical resources designed for analysing investment funds so that among thousands of funds offered worldwide, including actively managed and index funds, they select funds which are the best in terms of risks and rewards and most aligned with the Plan's strategy and interests of its investors.

Management costs:

Fixed management fee: 0.48% per year
Perfomance fee: does not apply


Zigurds Vaikulis, Andris Kotāns, CFA

Fund manager:

IPAS "CBL Asset Management"

Description of the fund manager:

CBL Asset Management is one of the leading investment management companies in the Baltic States and provides the following services - state-funded pension plan management, proprietary investment fund management and portfolio management for private, corporate and institutional clients, both local and international.
The high quality of IPAS CBL Asset Management services is ensured by the largest team of investment professionals in Latvia – 14 experienced portfolio managers, analysts and economists take care on a day-to-day basis of pension fund investments, securing optimal risk and return balance at low costs.
We combine our long term and extensive expertise in European and Emerging Market countries financial markets with careful selection, regular analysis and continuous monitoring of other investment managers’ products that represent different world regions and asset classes. Whilst managing pension plans, apart from investing in international companies, we also invest in local Latvian companies – so alongside increasing your pension capital, we also promote the development of Latvian economy.



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