From now on 2nd pension pillar investment plans “SEB Index Plan” and “SEB dynamic Plan” will be able to invest up to 100% in shares

On 15 October 2021 the maximum proportion of shares of the investment plans “SEB Index Plan” and “SEB dynamic Plan” was increased. Until now, up to 75% of plan assets have been invested in shares, while up to 100% will be invested in the future.

Jānis Rozenfelds, Chairman of the Board of SEB Investment Management: “This is an important step in the development of 2nd pension pillar investment plans, as we will be able to enjoy in full the benefits of the stock market. Given the situation in the financial markets, a higher proportion of shares can provide higher long-term returns”.

Both of the plans are most suitable for participants who have at least 20 to 30 years left until they reach retirement age.


More information about the plans is available at www.seb.lv