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AS "INVL atklātais pensiju fonds”


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AS "INVL atklātais pensiju fonds” is the oldest private pension fund in Latvia, which was established in 1998. The experience we have gained allows us to offer our customers individual approach and value-added investment solutions. Our pension plans are managed on the basis of a life-cycle approach that states that the investment strategy of the plans is based on the age of the pension plan participants.

Investment policy:

The pension plan has a balanced investment policy. We recommend to choose a pension plan "INVL Ekstra 47+" up to 50 percent equity investments for participants aged between 47 and 57. Such a pension plan will have a smaller value changes in the short term but also the return on the plan will be lower than from the plan that invests all in equity funds.

Management costs:

Pension fund`s administration costs: 0%
Fund manager`s commission: 0%
Custodian bank`s commission: 0%
Fee from contributions during the first year of participation: 30%, max.200EUR


Aleksejs Marčenko

Fund manager:

IPAS "INVL Asset Management”

Description of the fund manager:

IPAS “INVL Asset Management” is part of “Invalda INVL” group. Companies in the asset management group “Invalda INVL” manage pension, bond and equity funds, alternative investments, individual portfolios, private equity and other financial instruments. “Invalda INVL” group now serves more than 200,000 clients in Lithuania and Latvia, plus international investors, with total assets under management of 850 million euros.
IPAS "INVL Asset Management" has been operating in Latvia since 2002 and currently manages 4 pension 2nd pillar investment plans and 4 pension 3rd pillar plans.



EUR 2 000 000

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Aleksejs Marčenko