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Investment policy:

The main objective of the Plan is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing 100% of investment plan’s assets in the global equity markets (stocks of corporations). Pension plan’s assets are invested in the investments funds that mostly replicate major developed and developing countries’ market indexes, i.e. index funds and ETFs. The investment plan is managed by implementing passive investment management strategy – regardless of the situation on the financial markets the share of investments in the equities is close to the allowed 100% of the plan’s assets. The main objective of using index funds, which replicate the performance of market indexes, and passive strategy is to lower asset management costs.

Management costs:

Fixed management fee: 0.08% per year, including 0% management fee and 0.08% custody fee
Performance fee: not applicable


Zigurds Vaikulis, Andris Kotāns

Fund manager:

IPAS "CBL Asset Management"

Description of the fund manager:

The quality of the services provided by IPAS “CBL Asset Management” is ensured by a team of professional financial investment specialists, which consists of 11 experienced portfolio managers, analysts and economists, taking care on a daily basis that pension funds are invested wisely and ensure an optimal risk and profit ratio. The asset manager combines extensive long-term experience in the financial markets of Europe and developing countries with carefully selected and regularly analysed, as well as constantly monitored products of other asset managers representing different regions of the world and types of securities.



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