Swedbank ieguldījumu plāns 1990+


AS "Swedbank”

Active 100




Investment policy:

Assets of the Investment Plan will be managed using lifestyle investment strategy.
Up to 100% of the Investment Plan’s assets will be invested in equity securities which enables a more rapid increase in the value of the Investment Plan. The assets of the Investment Plan may also be invested in fixed-income instruments which enables a steady increase in the value of the Investment Plan.
The pension plan is suitable for those born in 1990 or later as it entails an active investment strategy. The plan is also suitable for participants with appetite for higher investment risk.
At the start of the plan, the permitted weight of exposure to equities will be up to 100%, whereas closer to the end date of the plan, it may vary between 0 and 25% in order to achieve optimum investment performance throughout the saving period.
Upon reaching the end date of the Investment Plan’s lifecycle, the plan will be merged with other investment plan managed by the asset manager with a conservative investment policy that invests in fixed-income financial instruments. The expected end date of the investment plan’s lifecycle at the time of registration of the prospectus is 2060.

Management costs:

Up to 0,47 % per year. Fixed management fee: 0.42 % year, perfomance fee: up to 0.05% year


Oskars Briedis

Fund manager:

AS "Swedbank Ieguldījumu Pārvaldes Sabiedrība"

Description of the fund manager:

"Swedbank Ieguldījumu Pārvaldes Sabiedrība AS" is Latvia`s biggest state funded pension scheme (or the 2nd pension pillar) asset management company in Latvia. It is also an investment management company that boasts the longest track record in this field in Latvia, and is fully-owned subsidiary of Swedbank Robur based in Sweden. In the asset management an active cooperation between Latvian and Swedish companies takes place, drawing Swedbank Robur's long experience in international markets and, combining it with the local market knowledge.



EUR 3 000 000

SIA "PricewaterhouseCoopers"


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Oskars Briedis