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Investment policy:

The goal of the investment plan is to provide long term pension capital growth. This growth reflects (before costs) the growth of the global developed country equity markets and the European investment grade debt markets. At the same time, investment costs for plan participants are maintained as low as feasible.

Assets are managed according to passive investing principles. The asset manager invests participant assets into funds linked to global debt and equity indices and holds these investments for the long term. In this way assets are indirectly invested in global financial markets as a whole (instead of picking individual securities).

Up to 75% of assets may be invested in investment funds that invest in equities. To ensure liquidity, part of the assets may also be invested in deposits and quality money market instruments.

Management costs:

Fixed management fee: 0.50% per year
Performance fee: 0.00% per year


IPAS “Indexo” investīciju komiteja Valda Sikšņa un Artūra Rozes sastāvā.

Fund manager:

IPAS “Indexo”

Description of the fund manager:

IPAS "Indexo" (henceforth – INDEXO) was founded by more than 30 Latvian entrepreneurs and managers to solve a pressing problem – the high fees and low profitability of the 2nd pillar pension system.

The three core principles that guide INDEXO operations are low fees, transparency, and investments in index funds. The INDEXO team believes that 2nd pillar fees should reflect world standards and decrease over time, as assets under management grow. INDEXO publishes all expenses and does not invest in expensive funds managed by itself or its related companies. The INDEXO approach is characterized by investment in index funds, enabling clients to own a small part of almost all the world's largest enterprises.



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