Ieguldījumu plāns „INVL INDEX DIRECT”


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Investment policy:

The purpose of the investment plan is investing the assets on the international equity market by purchasing exchange traded investment funds and index funds which invest in equities (up to 50%) as well as government and corporate debt securities (up to 50%) in order to provide the participants of the investment plan with higher retirement savings depending on market performance.

The investment plan has the passive investment policy which means that this investment plan has a higher risk of fluctuations. As a general rule, fund managers increase or decrease their investments in risky assets depending on the market development phase in order to protect the investment plan from falling sharply. In the case of passive management, the manager of the assets keeps a passive role and cares only about the exact reflection of the basket of the previously selected indexes. The fund’s manager also methodically places money on the market even when the markets are in a downturn, because after each fall, the increase follows, which compensates for the fall and allows earning more.

The investments are made globally, paying particular attention to the Member States of the European Union and the member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development with a view to achieving diversity both at regional and sectoral level.

It is not advisable to choose this investment plan for people over the age of 47.

Management costs:

Fixed management fee: 0,5 % year
Perfomance fee: not applicable


Aleksejs Marčenko

Fund manager:

IPAS "INVL Asset Management”

Description of the fund manager:

IPAS “INVL Asset Management” is part of “Invalda INVL” group. Companies in the asset management group “Invalda INVL” manage pension, bond and equity funds, alternative investments, individual portfolios, private equity and other financial instruments. “Invalda INVL” group now serves more than 180,000 clients in Lithuania and Latvia, plus international investors, with total assets under management of 520 million euros.
IPAS "INVL Asset Management" has been operating in Latvia since 2002 and currently manages three pension 2nd pillar investment plans, six pension 3rd pillar plans, alternative investment funds and client individual investment portfolios.



EUR 1 000 000

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Aleksejs Marčenko